Paul Judy is the creator of Diversion Photography.  

My photographic journey pre-dates me by nearly a dozen years. My father discovered photography while stationed in Okinawa, Japan during the Korean War. After returning to the U.S. he created a book of the images he’d captured there. These weren’t so much photos of the war or its destruction…rather they were images of the locals and life in their village. As a youngster, I remember sneaking into the living room (we weren’t supposed to play in there) and flipping through the book (we weren’t supposed to touch Dad’s stuff). I was mesmerized by two images that remain among my all-time favorites to this day. One was a weathered elderly man and one was a set of three broad-grinned local kids. The images speak volumes, from the deep crevices in the man’s face to the authentic, unposed joy emulating from the kid’s. The contrast between the enthusiasm of youth and the weariness of experience was utterly striking. My passion for photography has its roots here. The collection of images told a compelling story that captured my imagination.

I always knew I was interested in photography but didn’t pick it up seriously until the digital revolution. I bought my first digital-SLR when Canon introduced the 10d. I was hooked! I’ve upgraded along the way collecting a 20d, 40d, 7d and 5d mark iii. I still have them all.

Id love to say I was self-taught, but that wouldn’t give appropriate credit to the many wonderful photographers whose workshops and classes I’ve attended. I view photography as a fantastic opportunity for life-long learning. Whether it’s mastering a piece of equipment, a photographic genre, or post-capture digital processing…each provides the opportunity to continuously challenge your creative interests. As a day job, I’m the numbers guy for a technology company. The finance nature of the work exercises my left-brain analytical side while the photography sparks my right-brain. Photography is a passion for the creative and a diversion from the analytical financial pursuit.  I call Los Gatos, California my home, but am also fortunate to spend a good deal of time in the Ebbetts Pass area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These venues give me access to both the coast and the mountain scenery.